What is stone paper stickers?

The stone paper sticker is the same as paper labels, which are used to produce cellulose, pvc, pe, and stone paper instead of paper, called paper, which is only produced using limestone powder and some other additives.
Paper labels used in today’s world in all industries and in different shapes can be produced using mineral paper or stone paper and enjoyed the competitive advantages of this product with typical samples.

Bonding Advantages of stone Paper Stamp

The sticker produced with stone paper seem to have the advantages that it’s enough to find out if they hold the labels or even use them once in their industry.
One of these benefits is water and oil, fat and acidity, which makes use of these labels useful in all industries. These labels are naturally resistant to these materials and there is no need for any coating to fulfill this requirement.
Another point that has been made about these labels, which makes a lot of surprises, is its excellent and easy to print with the same zinc and ink used for printing ordinary paper. Printing these labels does not require additional printing services for labels, especially pvc.
The high tensile strength of this product, as well as the ineffectiveness of ambient temperature, is another advantage of its use and is suitable for use at very high and very low temperatures.

The underlying advantages of a sticker stone paper

Bonded paper stickers also have many advantages that are of great value and unfortunately not given to consumers by consumers. But these advantages can save lives from being destroyed.
The paper used for the production of labels is completely biodegradable and recyclable, and the plastics used in this paper, in contrast to the plastics used in other papers, are completely degradable and protect the nature.
What value can be mentioned that it is more important than unbreakable trees, the consumption of water and acid, and even the production of effluent, leach ate and toxic gases, and more can contribute to the health of the ecosystem and, consequently, all living things and most of all human being.

Stone Paper stickers in industry

Paper labels in the industry can be used extensively. In any industry that does not even think of, these tags can be used and abandoned the troubles of working with other labels.
One of the biggest uses of these stickers can be called wall paper and glue backed MDF covers. These products, in addition to having a high adhesion coefficient, will also be resistant to environmental degradation if they are produced using lint paper.
These labels can also be used in the food packaging industry, petrochemicals, acid materials and games. Also, these labels can withstand extreme temperatures in the refrigerator for food.

Stone Paper stickers in writing

stickers that are made using have the ability to write text on them using ordinary pencils and ordinary pencils, and they will be very useful for the writing industry.
The stone paper can be used in the production of labels used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and also the marking of goods and specialties, and insert any necessary information without the need for specific writing tools.
A very interesting point in the label is that these labels are not only their own but also the text they are written on, they are completely waterproof and not exposed to water or any other material.

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