Opening of stone paper production plant in Iran کاغذ سنگ

The opening of  a stone paper production plant in Yazd

According to the Yazd Province Broadcasting News Agency, In this province, the first paper mill was launched from limestone. At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mines was present.
The opening of the country’s first stone paper plant in Yazd province is today the hottest talk of the provincial news gathering.
This factory is one of the few stone paper factories in the world, With modern knowledge, he has been producing a unique piece of paper, using stones and not cellulosic materials.
The paper produced in this factory can be used in various industries including publishing, packaging, advertising, interior decoration, single-use dishes, typewriting, labels and….

Opening of stone paper production plant in Iran کاغذ سنگ یزد

Iranian stone paper exports

In a private interview that was conducted with the CEO, They spoke after God’s praise ” The production of stone paper in a country like Iran, despite the rich sources of limestone, is an effective and productive step. In the event that This project cannot be implemented in the European countries due to the lack of adequate and high-quality raw materials And it is not economical at all.”
He also noted, ” Due to the mass production of this amazing paper in Yazd province As well as  the high-quality paper produced in the province, In the near future, we will see Iranian stone paper exports to the Persian Gulf countries and even European countries that are deprived of this industry.”
He went on to say ” The production of stone paper in Iran is a wise measure to combat dehydration and deforestation Because this paper is a true friend and supporter of our beautiful nature.”

the opening of a stone paper production plant in Yazd
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