Eco-friendly stone paper کاغذ سنگ

Stone paper is an environmental sponsor

As a green industry, a stone paper is nature-friendly and does not cause any harm. In the following, we will explain in detail the reasons why the paper is considered to be a protector of nature:

Avoid cutting the trees with stone paper

There is no need to cut trees to produce stone paper. Because the raw material for producing this paper comes from calcium carbonate in the limestone residues used in cement factories or marble stones.

Avoid cutting the trees with stone paper کاغذ سنگ

Waterless paper producing

In the process of producing stone paper, even a drop of water is not consumed. While much water is used to produce cellulose paper.

Paper without acid and chlorine

The raw materials that make up the stones are naturally white and do not require the use of acids and chlorides contaminating groundwater aquifers.

Stone paper 100% recyclable

The paper can be recycled after use and can be used to produce second-grade plastics or even stone paper. This process was accompanied by the release of toxic gases or do not need to inject raw firsthand materials.

Decomposable stone paper

The stone paper, if exposed to direct sunlight, is completely decomposed within a year and remains as limestone ash from which The ash can also be used in various industries.

Clean ground with stone paper

It is well known, The stone paper can be decomposed or recycled. So this paper does not produce garbage and it will not contaminate water land, and air with leachate and hazardous gases.
In addition, if this paper burning, its ash is calcium carbonate, which can be used in the nylon industry.

Clean ground with stone paper کاغذ سنگ

The paper is a supporter of nature

According to the above-mentioned points, it is quite clear that the stone paper is a comprehensive advocate for nature and do not harm nature in any of its lifespans and is usable and recycled at all stages.

Stone paper is an environmental sponsor
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