Stone paper features than ordinary paper کاغذ سنگ

Stone paper features than ordinary paper

Stone paper with many unique features has distinct advantages over cellulosic paper.

The stone paper is waterproof

The paper and even the printing on it is resistant to water and moisture, fat and oil, and even particles of dust. So that you can dip the paper in the water, Without a piece of print, it will be destroyed, or its texture will be erased.

Stone paper, completely waterproof paper کاغذ سنگ

The high strength of stone paper

The high tensile strength of the other features of the stone paper. So, to rip the paper, you need to spend more energy than ordinary paper and it does not get torn simply.

Stone paper resistant to tearing کاغذ سنگ

The stone paper is resistant to the termite attack

The paper is also completely resistant to insects and rodents and No insect and rodent can digest and absorb the material contained in this paper. Therefore, no damage to its texture.

The stone paper does not flare!!

The paper also resists flare and when you burn it, you see that the flame of each moment gets smaller and smaller, and eventually turns off at a point.

Stone paper Flaming is not کاغذ سنگ

Other features of stone paper

Shelf life and long life, does not affect the ambient temperature, Compatible with all offset printers, flexo and laser printers, No need for care before, after and when printing, A soft texture that gives it a special look and also Loves the environment.

It should be noted:
The paper is completely biodegradable and less than a year goes back to the natural cycle in the right conditions.
The paper is also 100% recyclable and can be used repeatedly in various industries, including paper making, plastics, etc.(Even the ash remains on the burning or even the residual matter of its decomposition)

Stone paper features than ordinary paper
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