Selection of Iran as the stone paper pole کاغذ سنگ یزد

Selection of Yazd as the country’s stone paper pole

At a ceremony to mark the day of industry, mining and trade in Yazd province, with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mines, Due to the launch of the first and only Middle Eastern supplier of stone paper, this province was named the country’s stone paper pole.
Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade after visiting the only country’s stone paper factory located in Yazd province, The production of paper using rock and without the need to consume water and acid, as well as wood of trees, called the superior economic plan of Yazd province And this province, due to the high volume of stone paper production, has called the country’s stone paper.

According to the director of Public Relations of Yazd stone Paper Complex:

Managing director of this complex, while introducing stone paper as a green industry and protector of nature, Stated that the unit has an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of stone paper that with the executing of the company’s development plan and the launch of its new production lines in the coming months, it could reach 20,000 tons a year.

Selection of Iran as the stone paper pole کاغذ سنگ

He added: The production of stone paper in our country is based on a completely indigenous formula and done by scientists and internists Due to the geographical location of Yazd and the abundance of the raw materials of this paper obtained from limestone In addition to the need to avoid drops of water and acid and even cutting down trees, launching this factory in Yazd was a clever move that With the expansion of the production and institutionalization of domestic consumption, it is hoped that the country will not need to import unnecessary paper And even took a major step toward restoring domestic exports.

Selection of Yazd as the country’s stone paper pole
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