Promotional gifts with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

A special experience with promotional stone paper gifts

Printing special promotional gifts such as catalogs, shopping bags, desktop calendars, maturity, tourist maps and more … are other uses of stone paper which have been welcomed in the printing and advertising industry.
The printing of paper promotional gifts has been a new experience in the advertising industry which is considered smart and effective advertising.
The abundant capabilities of gifts presented in this articles has made these gifts doesn’t disposable condition and represent your name and brand on the customer’s desk for a long time.

Stone Paper shopping bag

A stone paper handbag is capable of bearing more than a regular handbag and simply does not torn by placing objects in it.
It can be used repeatedly as a shopping bag Because it has a durability and longevity And for many years, they remain their very original beauty.

Promotional handbag with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

Also, this stone paper shopping bag is completely waterproof and oil and can easily be cleaned if contaminated. (Getting wet and dirty is not the end of their life and are completely resistant to factors such as water and rupture that cause other shopping bags to fail.)

stone paper desktop calendars

Desktop stone paper calendars express Eco-friendly are stone paper, It’s been a long time on the customer’s desk and it’s pointing out: which a brand that supports nature, They use paper for preparation, which is completely degradable and can be returned to the natural cycle and does not produce any garbage. (It does not cause pollution of water air, and land.)

Printing desktop calendar with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

While the; Print on these high-quality stone paper calendars without the need for additional care and additional printing services That gives the unique beauty of these calendars.

Catalogs, posters and stone paper brochures

These are the promotional papers that to prepare them no trees are cut off and they don’t need to consume even a drop of water, It can end our concern about the future of the planet. Because they are not the least harm to the environment for their production and after use, they can easily be recycled and prevented from overuse of paper.

Print catalogs, leaflets and brochures Paper Stone کاغذ سنگی

In addition to; Catalogs, brochures and sheet art posters are completely resistant to tearing that is one of the biggest weaknesses in other paper promotions and they are not simply torn.

Tourist maps of stone paper

Tourist maps of the stone paper have a soft and velvety texture this makes the maps unbreakable at the location of the line and have a high shelf life. The main problem with other tourism maps is the fracture and burnout of paper in the folded areas.

Printing tourist maps with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

In addition, these maps do not suffer any damage and color variation under different weather conditions and at different temperatures. Because they are completely resistant to water and temperature changes.

Notebook and yearbook of stone paper

Notebook and yearbook of stone paper that are prepared using the typewriter of these papers, Writing capability with all instruments of writing And because of their subtlety and softness, they make writing enjoyable.

Advertising campaign with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

In addition; They will not get old or torn up soon And if they are impregnated with water and other drinks, they can be dried and used.

Paper napkin boxes of stone paper

Paper napkin boxes of stone paper Other uses of stone paper were the printing of promotional gifts Which are produced with high thicknesses of this paper.
Because the stone paper is completely impervious to external factors Such as water oil, and dust particles and it’s a perfectly hygienic paper. Boxes produced with it are also sanitary and they are suitable for themselves without the need to use adhesives and nylons (Substances in the inner layers of normal paper napkins boxes use to avoid contamination of paper napkins.) to pack paper bags.

rinted Paper Napkin with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

It should be noted; All features expressed are unique of the stone paper, It should also be stated that these gifts are also quite resistant to insects and rodents, and they don’t hurt.

A special experience with promotional stone paper gifts
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