A massive transformation in the printing and packaging industry کاغذ سنگ

A massive transformation in the printing and packaging industry

The production of paper using limestone has created a huge transformation in the world’s printing and packaging industry. This paper, known as “paper”, has many abilities that distinguish it from other paper.

The stone paper having a unique character, features such as Waterproof, Resistance to tear, Flame resistant, Resistant to insects, Durable and long life, Soft tissue and Uniforms and It also has excellent printing.

For the production of these stone papers, not a tree is cut, not even a drop of water, In addition, because of the natural whiteness of the material, there is no need for bleaching And Clare does not need.

The green industry with stone paper

Due to Do not use water and acid, Produced from stone and not wood, Polluting the environment, Not producing garbage and waste, Decomposable and Recycle ability and Reuse of stone paper, to Paper industry using stone, The green industry is said. The green industry means a comprehensive environmentalist.

According to Considering annual consumption of 2 million tons of paper in the country As well as producing only 700 thousand tons of paper By domestic manufacturers, We have to import about 1,300,000 tons of paper from other countries annually Which causes irreparable damage to the structure of the country’s economy.

Green industry with stone paper کاغذ سنگ

So With the support of rock paper produced in Iran, it can be shown with a 3rd archer: Use of high quality and unique paper, Protecting beautiful and endangered nature, Supporting domestic production and helping the country’s economy.
It’s worth mentioning Persian paper has a higher quality than foreign samples and you can even take an important step in exporting this product.

A massive transformation in the printing and packaging industry
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