stone paper in interior decoration کاغذ سنگی

A massive transformation in decoration with stone paper

Stone paper due to features like: Waterproof and oil resistant, resistance to insects and rodents, high tensile strength, long life, and long shelf life, as well as its smooth and uniform texture Used in interior decoration for wallpaper and MDF coating.
These days, the importance of interior decoration design is not overlooked. It’s interesting to know that paper plays a very high role in interior decoration.
However, a paper that is generally used for this purpose has a relatively low durability and is damaged. That will cost consumers a lot of money.
We recommend you to use paper different from other paper for this. The paper, known as stone paper, remains for many years as beautiful as the first day.

Producing wallpaper with stone paper

Wallpaper produced with stone paper has many advantages and abilities. Which we intend to present in this article;

Making paper wall using stone paper کاغذ سنگی

  • Waterproof wallpaper produced with stone paper

    The paper-based wallpaper has a completely waterproof nature and does not require cost, time, and coverage with expensive materials such as vinyl (an acrylic).
    If you have wallpapers of stone paper, wash and clean it without worry. Because there is no damage to the texture and color of it. Because not only the paper but also the printing on it is also completely waterproof.

  • with stone paper Anti-static wallpaper produced

    Anti-electricity means that; The wallpaper made with stone paper has a completely neutral texture and does not attract particles of dust, airborne fatty particles and even the smell of food.
    This is due to the lack of acid and bleaching materials for the production of stone paper. Which causes the paper to be neutral in terms of electrical charge and does not react with other materials.

  • wallpaper resistance of stone paper against insects and rodents

    One of the biggest enemies of wallpaper and other building materials made of cellulose paper, Insects and poisons that feed on cellulose present in these papers.
    Wallpaper made with stone paper It is free of any cellulosic fibers and is therefore not attacked by these insects and rodents.

  •  A tensile strength of the wallpaper produced with stone paper

    One of the drawbacks of ordinary wallpaper Ripping off during production, installation and even use.
    But the modern wallpaper, which is made with stone paper, Due to the tensile strength of the stone paper, they simply do not have this problem.
    If you intend to tear down these wallpapers You have to work harder. Because they resist tearing up and stretch.

  • The stunning beauty of wallpaper produced with stone paper

    The soft and velvety texture of the stone paper and the high quality of the print jobs done on it makes it the wallpapers that are produced with eye-catching beauty.
    This beauty is not lost after a while and you can enjoy it for a long time. Because the durability of stone paper is very high, and this property is preserved in all the products of this amazing paper.

Use of stone paper for MDF coatings

The MDF sheets made with stone paper also have all the features expressed for the wallpaper made with stone paper. Because these unique features are related to the texture of the stone paper And in any industry that uses stone paper, these features can be seen.

Veneered MDF with stone paper کاغذ سنگی

Stone paper can be used instead of other paper And materials that are placed on stone paper to cover it, simply print or after printing, attach on the MDF.

A massive transformation in decoration with stone paper
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