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Opening of stone paper production plant in Iran کاغذ سنگ

The opening of  a stone paper production plant in Yazd

The opening of  a stone paper production plant in Yazd According to the Yazd Province Broadcasting News Agency, In this province, the first paper mill was launched from limestone. At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Industry…

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Stone paper features than ordinary paper کاغذ سنگ

Stone paper features than ordinary paper

Stone paper features than ordinary paper Stone paper with many unique features has distinct advantages over cellulosic paper. The stone paper is waterproof The paper and even the printing on it is resistant to water and moisture, fat and…

Stonepaper in Various industries

Flourishing paper industry

The stone paper is used in the publishing industry to produce valuable and exquisite books, cooking, children, educational, educational and…

These books have a long life and cannot easily be burned out.

A massive transformation in decoration with stone paper

Bonded paper with the characteristics of: waterproof and oil resistant, insect and rodent resistance, high tensile strength, long life, as well as its smooth and uniform texture, in interior decoration for wall paper and MDF coating Taken.

The pleasure of using stone paper

From the typewriter of stone paper writing, you can use paper writing in various sizes, notebook, button cover and more. In addition, it can be done on paper with automatic pencils and other writing tools.

A special experience with stone paper promotional gifts

The printing of unique and unique promotional gifts such as catalogs, shopping bags, desktop calendars, timetables, tourist maps and more are other uses of stone paper that have been welcomed by the unique printing and advertising industry

A massive transformation of stone paper in the packaging industry

The stone paper is a very suitable option for packaging solid and liquid food, petrochemicals, cosmetics, as well as production of laminated carton boxes and tissue box boxes.

Single-use dishes of stone paper, nature-friendly

The stone paper can be used to make paper disposable containers for health and waterproofing without the need for a polyethylene cover. This paper is fully compatible with paper disposable paper containers.

Label resistant and durable stone paper

The printing of labeled labels is one of the other uses of stone paper. In addition to water resistance and rupture, these labels accept high quality prints using conventional zinc and inkjet printers without requiring additional printing services.
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