Quality printing on stone paper کاغذ سنگ

Quality prints on stone paper

The stone paper in the printing industry has also shown a very professional behavior And there are many advantages over other papers.
the soft and uniform texture of paper makes it possible the ink has not been sucked into the tissue during printing and consumes much less ink than cellulose paper.

Stone paper without the need for additional printing services

Stone paper with features such as waterproof, fat repellant, no change in size due to decrease or increase of temperature, as well as not forming of vulnerable cellulosic fibers, No need for additional printing services such as: cellophane, cutting, laminate, which is generally used to protect the texture of ordinary paper against water and moisture, insects, dust particles and temperature And as soon as they are produced, they are ready to do the print jobs changes And it can be printed on it.
While the as soon as it leaves the delivery station, the paper is completely dry and there is no need for side steps to do this.

Stamping stone paper machines

The paper produced from the stone is compatible with all digital printing devices offset, flexo, letterpress. It is possible to do high-quality print jobs at a lower cost and spend less time removing extra steps.

stone paper printing devices کاغذ سنگ

This paper is not compatible with inkjet printers and the laser that perform ink spraying using UV rays and the reason is that the molecular bonds of this paper disappear from ultraviolet radiation.
This is an indication that the paper is degradable from direct sunlight over a long period of time.

Quality prints on stone paper
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