Stone paper eco-friendly کاغذ سنگ

Eco-friendly stone paper

Paper production using rock and not wood is an important step towards preserving natural resources. Also, this paper has many features, the largest environmentalist and it does not harm nature.
The research on the stone paper texture suggests that This amazing paper is a green and environmentally friendly industry. We intend to express these amazing results in this article.

Stone paper ingredients

The raw materials for the production of paper from calcium carbonate in the remaining limestone are formed from marble and cement-making factories and no tree is used to produce it.
In addition, a drop of water is not used in the process of producing stone paper, And even for the natural whiteness of this paper, there is no need to use acid and chlorine to bleach it. This is important for countries like Iran who face dehydration crisis. Because, by producing a ton of ordinary paper, 16,000 gallons of drinking water is consumed.

Eco-friendly stone paper کاغذ سنگ

Is stone paper decomposable?

The paper produced using rock is completely biodegradable and if exposed to direct sunlight for one year, the polyethylene is evaporated and the remainder remains in the form of calcium carbonate powder.
This is exactly the same as putting an eggshell in the dark for a long time First, it is turned into smaller pieces and finally completely powdered. (Polyethylene is a non-toxic polymer and is consumed as soon as it is steamed in the oxygenation process.) Also, the remaining calcium carbonate powder can be used in various industries, including the production of recyclable paper.

Stone paper after burning

This wonderful paper, even after burning, is used in the plastic industry as calcium carbonate and it can even be recycled over and over again as second-grade plastics, Without losing its quality or having to first inject raw materials or even releasing hazardous gases.
The low carbon dioxide emission in the paper-making process does not increase the dangerous gas in the atmosphere, resulting in a lack of thinness and permeation of the ozone layer.
As noted above:
This paper is completely degradable and will not produce any garbage and poisonous waters that contaminate surface water and underground water.
According to the results of the research on stone paper, it is quite evident that this paper is nature-friendly and should replace ordinary paper.

Eco-friendly stone paper
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