Applications of stone paper in various industries کاغذ سنگ

Applications of stone paper in various industries

The paper is made in thicknesses of 80 to 380 microns and it can be used in all industries in which they use paper and cardboard types we refer to some of these in this article.

A. Stone paper for printing and publishing

The paper can be used to print exquisite books. The stone paper due to its long life and durability makes it possible until our exquisite books remain the same in years of the year and do not get old and yellow.

B. Stone paper in writing

From the typewriter of stone paper, you can use paper writing in various sizes, office and notebook, button cover and more. In addition, it can be done on paper with automatic pencils and other writing tools.

C. Stone paper in advertising

The paper is used to make the brochure, catalog, poster, tourist maps and promotional gifts like yearbook, desktop calendar, notebooks, hand luggage, brochure. That’s because of the particularity of this paper is a very suitable option for advertising and it’s a good brand for unique brands.

D. Stone paper for the label

The printing of Adhesive labels is one of the other uses of stone paper. These labels, in addition to water resistance and tear, Using standard Zinc and ink, and without the need for additional printing services, they accept high-quality prints.

E. Stone paper in the package

The paper can be used in packaging of solid and liquid food, Mineral and petrochemicals like cement, cosmetics and also Production of laminated carton boxes and tissue paper boxes.

F. Stone paper in interior decoration

Stone paper can also be used to produce wallpaper and MDF coatings are waterproof and resistant to rupture with high durability and resistant to insects and rodents.

G. Stone paper in disposable containers

The stone paper is a sanitary paper certified by the World Health Organization and it can be used to produce fully sanitized paper disposable container.
Stone paper can be used to make paper glasses without the need to cover the polyethylene, in addition, it is sewn easily and heated by the edges of the glass and you can print that ad.

Applications of stone paper in various industries
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